…a tail of jesuses

…a tail of jesuses

Most religions have a prophet. Whether most of us know who he is like jesus, or others that only some of us may have heard of like for example joesph smith jr, there are several stories and myths surrounding many of these prophets. Tales that speak of extraordinary deeds. Mohammed rode to the heavens on a winged horse, moses split the red sea and jesus awoke from the dead and, even more important for some, turned water into whine. Those are all very admirable things to do, considering that you were the second guy to tame a pegasus, lead your people to go deep sea fishing while fleeing from annihilation or that you can supply a party with an everlasting supply of alcohol.

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…the Jerusalem Syndrome

…the jerusalem syndrome

Jerusalem is and has been the center of interest and belief for the largest religions on earth. Tourists and believers alike travel and pilgrimage to the city where solomon supposedly built his temple, jesus dragged the cross through the via dolorosa and muhammad landed after his night journey from mecca, riding a winged horse. The city has been in the center of all 3 beliefs and has brought peace to their followers as an anchor and playground for each respective mythology. On the other hand it has been torn by struggles over supposedly holy land and buildings.

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